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this is no time for summing up

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salad win
onion (red preferable)
pistachios (crushed)
dried Turkish apricots, chopped
chevre on a cracker, toasted and placed on top
freshly crushed garlic, on top of the chevre
oil & balsamic

I will need to perfect the mix, but the first try was delightful.

me: omfg Schrodinger's ice cream in a quantum restaurant

him: lol
awesome. where?

me: I'm not sure whether it exists or not

obama as icon
This is so hilarious. It keeps popping up on my google news page.

more importantly ...
go to www.factcheck.org.
Then go to http://wire.factcheck.org.

Bookmark. Subscribe. Read. Repeat.

my sweet, frumious Bandersnatch

right, 'cause everyone has been waiting with baited breath for the last 12 hours to see if I survived my PMS.

Took the Econ exam. Really would have been helpful if the prof's english weren't so lacking, but I got 86% so who's complaining. Also, why did that first problem have to involve dividing zero? I'm just not smart enough at math to know how to work around that kinda shit.

COMPLETELY overcaffeinated - this time he gave us a half-hour more than last exam - from 1:30 to 2 hours, and both times it has taken me 30 minutes to complete the exam. Of course this time I thought naturally that it would take longer so I made sure to dope myself with artificial stimulants. Of course, I am now endeavoring to counter the effects with a coconut martini, which is reasonably successful for being randomly thrown together based on some random internet recipe after googling the ingredients in my house.

So yeah, I felt a lot better after I decided to leave work an hour early (and come in early tomorrow). It was a little step but it made me feel more like my life was manageable. I took a 45 minute nap and then studied all evening before taking the test around 11. Worked out pretty well, all told.

Now I just have to wrap my mind around the fact that I don't have any more coursework to do until after my vacation ... oh, and also the fact that I'm leaving in less than 3 days now. I doubt I'll really comprehend that until I'm actually home.

my expressive breakfast

yes, those are two of those morningstar nugget thingies, and a flax waffle. mmm.

DaVinci Days!
Happy times today at DaVinci days with Celeste (my co-worker's daughter)!! The kinectic sculptures were fantastic ... also, I got a glimpse of a couple electric cars from major manufacturers. Check it out:

A necessary rant
attention petit lapin!
I HATE THE SONG "I KISSED A GIRL" (the new one).

In case you are missing out, the lyrics are here.

Let me sum it up:
"I was drinking, got curious, and kissed a girl. It was pretty hot, but I'm so not a lesbian! I hope my boyfriend doesn't mind (wink wink) but I know he'll think it's hawt because I know it makes me a "bad girl" who is sexually attractive because she needs to be 'put in her place' by a man, preferably if it involves both girls, omg!"

Almost as much as I hate the song itself, I hate NPR asking teens about how "edgy" it is.

HEY GUESS WHAT? Fetishising sex between two women is NOT EDGY. It is an old, unoriginal, and boring way that people have been delegitimizing female sexual attraction for a very long time.

So thanks, Katy Perry, for whoring yourself out at the expense of queer women everywhere. People who have an interest in appropriating same-sex attraction for straight sexuality and patriarchy will be forever grateful to you.

I think what is most infuriating about the whole thing is that naturally people talk about it as if it's a sign of progress in the acceptance of lesbian and bisexual identities. Yeah, totally, just like girl-on-girl porn is responsible for the gay rights movement.


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